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    Is there a way to reinitialize Feeder Manger?

    Bobby Wilson

      If I add a new Feeder after I have used any function that causes Feeder Manager to run, the new Feeder does not show up in the trace a feeder tool.  It does if  you restart ArcMap so Feeder Manager reinitializes.  Is there a way to force this without a restart?

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          Tim Szekely didn't you work with Anne Vendeløkke Olsen on a similar issue?

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              Tim Szekely

              Nothing quite like this Ryan... at least, that I can remember.  Which I guess isn't saying much.


              Bobby I'm assuming you are running with Feeder Manager 1?


              I don't know of anything that specifically forces this, but I can think of a few things to try.  The "ArcFM Login" button may force this; you could also try anything that would change the edit version in use, e.g. start a new session, or use the "ArcFM Change Version" tool. 


              What you are probably looking for is something that you can use without having to restart your edit session; you might try switching to a non-electric stored display and then back to your original, to see if this forces a Feeder Manager reset. 


              A different thing I would recommend you try is adding another feature (e.g. connect a primary conductor) to the new circuit source, the execution of the Feeder Manager AU's might force the feeder fields and information into alignment. 


              To say anything about preventing the problem (new circuit source not showing-up in the list of feeders) I'd have to see more about how the feature creation is being done; if you want to pursue that then just create a support case and I or someone else here can look into this further.  I've seen a lot of cases where a minor configuration issue or two will cause little snags in getting all the Feeder Manager details to sync-up as expected right-away.

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              Matthew St. John

              Hi Bobby,


              You should be seeing the feeder get added to the Trace A Feeder list immediately without needing to recalculate anything, but I'm doing my testing at 10.1.1 so there may be something different if you're using an older version. My first thought though is that you might be missing an autoupdater on the Circuit Breaker (or whatever feature class you use for a source) or the Circuit Breaker object class. Give those a look through, making sure you've got all the autoupdaters described in the docs, and if everything looks good to your eyes open a ticket with us in support and we can take a closer look.

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                Bobby Wilson



                We are using ArcFM10.1.  I have looked and I think I am missing an AU on my circuit source object class.  I do not have the ArcFM Internal Feeder ID Update assigned to the On Feature Update event on the Object Info tab.  Should this be assigned?

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                  Melia Brush

                  Hi, Bobby! It looks like the correct answer may have been provided for this question. If any of the responses on this thread correctly answered your question, please click the Correct Answer button on that reply. If this question is still unanswered, please let us know so we can continue to pursue the answer. Feel free to provide any further detail that may help those in the community respond appropriately. Thank you.