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    Using FeederID to label / symbolize

      An issue uncovered during a client upgrade to 10.2.1: Electric Feeder and Dispatch stored displays both label based on the FEEDERID field. When migrated to the FM2 FEEDERIDS field, the labels draw painfully slow.


      Background: This issue is related to FeederID FM1 and FeederIDs FM2.


      When we set the FM2 fields, we were not sure it would impact the labels or symbology if we were using the FM1 field for labeling and symbols. However, after go live, we had issues with those fields being used from FeederID. We set the new FeederIDs field, but that is where the speed issue comes in, it might take 10 minutes to label PriOH, for example, using the FeederIDs field from FM2.


      At Link there was talk about this being an issue for anyone using FeederID to label or symbolize from…