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    I don't know how to start and or add to a wish list of ArcFM product features????

    Joe Onley

      I'll start with four enhancements that I think would make ArcFM an even more powerful tool:



      1. It would be FABULOUS if that once the OTDR trace was complete the Trace Selector Window DID NOT dismiss and It would add value by allowing you to;

      • Rerun the trace (maybe you transposed the input value and you want to double-check)
      • Validate the ODTR Value that had been input
      • AND THE BIGGEE , run additional/repeated traces on the same cable by just inputting different distances.  This would be helpful in narrowing down were the fiber break is close to a known reference such as a pole or vault.  The Trace is our most important tool.  We use the trace to place Pole attachments, storage loops, mini loops, fiber access points, splice cases, etc.
      • Side Bar, we would like it User controlled whether the "Display Trace Path Report" is defaulted checked or unchecked. Currently the default is checked and for our project that is an inconvenient extra step to uncheck as we build our plant.


      2. With the Twist Factor calculation now solved (case 33119) it would eb nice if the operator could inpat and then view BOTH Cable Length and Glass Length.  Length should always be quantified with either Cable or Glass.  We were able to add cable length on


      3. I think this would be popular.When placing Feature requiring data “input”, the ability to enter input EITHER before or AFTER placing the map feature.  WHY? It is very frustrating digitizing a cable after several vertices then to hit F2 and see that you neglected to hit the Enter button on one field that required input.  Grrrr.  Currently you have to abandon ship and start all over.  This would be very valuable.


      4. This request may only have passion from Washington State...but it befuddles me that to add a single fiber tap splice to a 288 count cable, the entire cable has to be severed into two separate cables.  Our fiber plant is a FTTH model using Corning FlexNAP.  Every time we add an access point involving usually two fibers it severs the cable. One Cable Reel now can be broken into several segments, it is like a worm going through a lawn mower.


      Thank you