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    ArcFM Viewer 10.1 on Windows 8: missing .dll error

    Brad Phillips

      Using ArcFM Viewer 10.1 on a Windows 8 tablet I come across the following error when testing redlines- 


      "The assembly file 'Microsoft.Ink.dll is missing”


      This error message pops up when the Finish Sketch and Clear Sketch buttons are selected.

      In addition, the Ink Tool is missing from the Session Manager Toolbar, but when looking at the ArcFM Engine Administrator, the Ink Tool is listed as a Loaded Component


      .NET 3.5 is enabled on the tablet.

      For troubleshooting, the tablet was compared to another computer with ArcFM Viewer 10.1 running on Windows 7. The Windows 7 computer does not have this issue.


      The DLLs are in the same location on both computers -


      C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink


      C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink


      Neither computer has anything related to ink under C:\Program Files (&Program Files (x86))\Reference Assemblies\...


      Both share the same InkSupport.Custom.Layout file



      Has anyone experienced this issue before?