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    Set the default value to NULL for a field with a domain

    Samuel Valdez

      The feature class FiberOpticCable has a text field called CABLEMANUFACTURER, and the field has a domain "Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturer", which itself contains several (text) values.  I have two questions:

      1. How can I set/change the default value for this field?  There is currently a default value for this field but I can not find where/how that was done.
      2. How can I make that default value be NULL or <null>, which is not in the domain?

      I am mentioning Melia Brush and Andrew Sauer and Jon Ronat as they have all been very helpful in past.

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          Hi Sam - From what you wrote, I think you are looking to set the default in in the wrong editor. Defaults for fields are ArcGIS properties no ArcFM properties.


          To get to the defaults: in ArcCatalog, open the database then the dataset and select the FiberOpticCable. Right click and choose Properties... then choose the Fields tab. When you scroll down to the CABLEMANUFACTURER field, you should see the default set. You can change that value to any value in the domain or you can clear it out to get <Null> as the default.

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              Melia Brush

              Okay Jon, you were faster, but I have pictures and a follow-up link.


              Here's a shot of accessing the Properties as Jon mentioned:


              domain 1.png


              And here's the Fields tab: 


              domain 2.png


              1) On the Fields tab, select the field (CABLEMANUFACTURER).


              2) In the Field Properties below, set the Default Value to the desired content. Erase any content from this property to make NULL the default. 


              3) In that same Field Properties area, make sure Allow NULL values is set to yes (so that users will be able to keep or choose a value of NULL).


              If you'd like to know more about domains, watch the Configuring Domains tutorial recorded by Amy Rupp.


              Thanks for the kind remarks, Samuel.

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                Samuel Valdez

                Hello, Jon, nice to hear from you.  When I say that a default value already exists, I mean that it shows up in the Attribute Editor when I begin the process for creating a fiber optic cable.  In this case, that value appears to be "ALCOA Fujikura":



                However, this is not what I would expect based upon what I see in the Feature Class Properties dialog below.  In fact, this dialog suggests that the default value is *already* NULL, which is not the case.



                This is the reason that I thought that the default value was not set in the dialog above.  With this additional information, can you recommend how I should proceed to get the desired outcome?  Thanks again for your help!

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                    Melia Brush

                    Looks like that cable is part of a favorite named "72 Count."  Favorites can have their own default values.  To alter a favorite, in ArcMap, Table of Contents, Favorites tab, right-click the favorite and choose Edit Favorite. 


                    fav 1.png


                    Then in the attribute list on the right, choose the desired value.  If you choose "<default>" then the default value you set for this field back in the ArcGIS Properties will apply.


                    fav 2.png

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                      Hi Sam, I am haven't been doing Fiber Manager much lately so I am a bit rusty. The default is not coming from the feature properties, but from the Favorite that you are using. To change the favorite you need to use the Favorites Manager. In ArcCatalog, right click on the database then select ArcFM Favorites. Expand System Favorites until you get to Fiber Optic Cable folder. Right click on the fiber optic cable you want to change then choose Edit Favorite... You should then see CABLEMANUFACTURER listed in the right side of the screen. Just click on the value in the right hand column and change it to what you want. You will see the <Default> is the first choice. Choose <Default> to get <Null> to appear when placing (because the field does not have a default set up). When done make sure you hit Apply then OK. Make sure you hit Apply on the ArcFM System Favorites Manager screen as well. This should do the trick.EditFavorite.JPG