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    I have an AU registered with correct GUID that's stored in the DB but still shows as Unregistered Program in ArcCatalog.  Help!

    Josh Pritt

      I have an old VB6 AU that was upgraded from 9.3 to 10.2.1. I've made sure the GUID is the same as it was before by looking in the database to see the actual GUID it has stored for the on create event for my fuse feature class.  I even checked in Categories.exe under the correct category for Special AUs (the class implements IMMSpecialAUStrategyEx like all the other AUs that work just fine).

      Special autoupdaters which appear on the Object Info tab in the ArcFM Properties Manager in ArcCatalog

      Name: M&M Special Autoupdate objects

      GUID: {5CC6FF90-C85F-11D3-80C7-0050DA5BE899}

      I then went directly into the registry via RegEdit to make sure it really was registered properly with the correct GUID stored in the database and in the proper category and it is.


      I even put a breakpoint in the code for the NAME and ENABLED properties on an AU that works and this "bad" AU the attached it to the ArcCatalog process.  When I open the ArcFM Properties dialog I can see the code getting called for all the NAME properties on all my AUs except for that "bad" one!


      So it boils down to this:

      The AU is registered properly and has no code issues and compiles correctly and shows up in the correct component category.

      The AU's NAME or ENABLED property never gets called.

      It still shows as Unregistered Program in ArcCatalog even though it has the same GUID as the one stored in the database that it's looking for.


      I have it up on my screen if anyone wants to take a look over my shoulder to help me narrow this down.