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    OHDA; Finite Element

    Chris Sirett

      Hi Folks
      I went over the OHDA documentation and could not find an answer to my question:

      With regards to OHDA's Finite Element calculations.... is the analysis Linear, or Non-Linear.

      And, on a lighter note, Does the analysis include a stability (buckling) check?



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          Kevin Leben

          Hi Chris,


          I'll mention some OHDA/Designer developers to see if we can get input on your question. Designer shaun endres



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              OHDA's finite element calculations are linear.


              Buckling is usually associated with non-linear finite element.  However we do have an axial loading check.


              Thanks for the heads up Kevin.

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                  Chris Sirett

                  Thank you for your attention Kevin and Shaun;


                  Any plans to move forward to Non-linear calculations in future versions of OHDA??


                  We expect the new CSA 2014 22.3 1-10 Overhead Systems will mandate non-linear calculations for wood pole stuctures, however, nobody seems to know for sure..

                  Excerp from CSA 22.3 1-10 2010:

                  "This edition of CSA C22.3 No. 1 covers both the linear and non-linear design methods for wood pole

                  structures, with non-linear design being the preferred method. Non-linear design was first recognized as

                  the preferred method in this Standard in a 2003 amendment to the 2001 edition. In the future, the

                  non-linear method will be the sole method; the linear design method is retained in this edition of the

                  Standard to facilitate the transition."


                  "Non-linear analysis, including stability (buckling) check, is the method of analysis of wood structures

                  that should be used. Linear analysis of wood pole structures continues to be utilized in some jurisdictions

                  in accordance with historical utility practice and remains an option for users during a period of transition

                  to non-linear analysis."