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    OHDA Reports; Print/Print to file

    Chris Sirett

      Good day folks

      I have run into a few small issues relating to OHDA reports and was wondering if anyone else has similar experience. Perhaps these issues are better split into separate threads however, to prevent cluttering up the forum; I will present them here in a single thread.

      1)     1) When attempting to print any of the reports to file, Windows 7 throws error: “Access to the path C:\Windows\system32\_tmp.xps is denied”. I tested this on seven separate machines all running Windows 7. Four of the seven machines failed to print to file in this manner. See screen shot Capture 1.

      gfhCapture 1 PrintToFile.JPG


      2)     2) When printing stringing charts to file(pdf), or straight to pdf, the stringing chart does not populate the table data. Specifying the XPS driver will successfully output a complete stringing chart. This issue is repeatable on all computers I have tried it on. See EX Stringing Chart.pdf.

      Ex Stringing.jpg


      3)     3) When printing to file; If the user specifies a location for the file and subsequently changes the file type, OHDA will print to file with the wrong file extension. Perhaps the specified file location should be cleared or appended when selection of the file type is changed. See Capture 2 – Document type.


      Capyure 2 DocumentType.jpg

      4)     4) When printing stringing charts to file using smaller monitors, the print button is pushed beyond the extents of the screen  and no scroll bar is presented making it impossible to complete the operation. See Capture 3 No Scroll.

      Capture 3 No Scroll.JPG