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    Creating templates with CU whose feature class has no Subtype

    Joseph Hershman

      I have found an issue when setting up Templates using CUs, prompting for CUs.  I think I have tracked down the problem.


      In our system we have feature classes with CUs that do not have subtypes.  The CU library marks these with a indicator value of -1 as subtype.  What I have observed is that when you try to place one of these CUs in a Template using prompt for CU when you click the browse button to select a CU nothing is displayed.


      I have also noticed this error

      ERROR Miner.Desktop.CuFilter.CuFilterAdmin.ManageCuFieldsViewModel [(null)] - Unable to find Subtype -1 on table electric.'featureclassname'


      at times when in the CU Administration Tool.


      Is there an inherent issue with having feature classes with no subtype having CUs?




      Robert Krisher