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    How to view both Field and Enterprise History in Enterprise Session Manager?

    Jim Kyle

      We have an issue utilizing the 'History' button in session manager.  Our environment is that we have a large number of mobile arcfm viewer for engine users that perform editing in the field.

      These users then send their mobile packets to our 'enterprise' for processing. We keep this large number of users only in our field session manager database.  They do not exist in our enterprise process framework database.
      When our 'enterprise' users click the History button in Session Manager they don't see any of the 'field' history.  I have found that the possible reason for this is that the 'field' user doesn't exist in the 'enterprise' process framework database.
      Does anybody know if you need to have the user exist in order for the history button to show the history for that user?  If so, what would happen if someone ever deleted a user without knowing the implications?

      We only currently only send sessions up from the field - not both ways.  Thanks.