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    Offline Functionality?

    Shane Holt

      Hello; due to an upcoming offsite presentation, I've exported my data from our sde into a pgdb on a laptop, and re-sourced my data accordingly. My intent was to be completely disconnected from any network (during the presentation) and showcase all of the great tools ArcFM offers, but there seems to be a problem...I'm unable to create stored displays, and none of the fiber manager tools seem to be functioning correctly, i.e. when selecting the connection manager tool, splice points do not highlight.  Is it possible to have functionality of these tools without being connected to the internet/network?  Thanks!


      ArcMap v10.2.0.3348

      ArcFM v10.2.265

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          Kevin Brown

          Sounds like you also need to include the MM_* tables in the pGDB.  You should be able to do that using ArcCatalog by dragging them from your sde database into the pGDB.

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            David Miller

            We do PGDBs all the time here.


            1. On SDE as the data owner, run the "ArcFM XML Export" tool on the database
            2. Check every option on the export screen, select where you want the file to go, and give it a name.  Do NOT check the "Apply Style Sheet" option.  (you will probably see a warning that some info could not be exported, just click "yes")
            3. On SDE as the data owner, copy the data you want to the PGDB.
            4. Once this is completed, run the "Create/Update ArcFM Solution System Tables" tool on the PGDB.
            5. Exit ArcCatalog and relaunch it (you have to do this to release the status lock on the PGDB)
            6. On the PGDB, choose to "Upgrade ArcFM Solution Database".
            7. Once completed, run the "Convert to ArcFM" tool and choose "Convert to use ArcFM Objects"  (Click "Yes" when it warns you about this may prevent some tools from working)
            8. Finally, run "ArcFM XML Import" tool on the PGDB.  Select the option to "Overwrite" and choose the XML you created in step 2.  Do NOT check the "Apply Style Sheet" option.  (you will most likely get a warning that some info could not be imported...this is ok, just click "yes")


            You should now have a fully functional ArcFM-erized PGDB.