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    Why does the map scale differ depending on the base layer?

    Rick Thiel


      Maybe I don't have the best understanding for how this works behind the scenes...  I have noticed that if I change the base layer in my SilverLight viewer, even if the layer is not active, it will change the way that my map scale tool measures the current scale.  Why would that be?


      A picture is worth a thousand words... here is the exact same viewer. The only difference is the base layer that I have defined in the Page.config.  You will notice that Dubuque, IA at 1:25,000 scale, looks a lot different when I have the Aerial Images layer defined in the page config.

      This is the URL for that aerial images layer (http://services.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services/World_Imagery/MapServer).  Most likely it has a different projection than my landbase layer, but would that make a difference?

      Bote: I assume that the map on the left is correct because it matches what I see when I use the ArcMap desktop software.