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    How to: Assure that the latest SilverLight.xap file gets to the users' browsers

    Rick Thiel

      Hi,  I thought that this was a good place to share this information.


      I have experienced this problem often, and I never knew how to fix it, until today, that is.  Thanks to Nils Richardson for helping us find this fix.



      1.) I make changes to the Silverlight application and publish it to the server(s).

      2.) User goes to try the new functionality, but it is not there.

      3.) Obviously,the new version of the Silverlight.xap file never made it down to their machines

      4.) Clearing the browser cache does not seem to help.  In fact nothing seems to help.

      5.) When I use Chrome I can see the new version of the Silverlight app but now my WIA security doesn't work so I cannot see the map layers.

      This obviously an Internet Explorer issue.


      The fix:

      1.) Open Internet Explorer

      2.) Tools | Internet Options.

      3.) Go to the General Tab. In the Browsing History section click on the Settings button.

      4.) From within the settings dialog change the setting for "Check for newer versions of stored pages:" to Every time I visit the webpage