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    ArcGIS Relationship not showing up in ArcFM identify

      ArcFM refuses to see the relationship (between table and feature class) defined in stored display for TransformerBank > TransformerUnit > Cascade.

        • Relationship works fine in ArcGIS, just not ArcFM (as seen in the screenshot attachment below)
          • Test case:  V9093 (vault number)
          • ArcGIS identify picks up the Nameplate tables, ArcFM identify does not…
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          Samuel Tregillus

          For this sort of issue, I would definitely recommend submitting a case.  This looks like a potential bug, but some more troubleshooting might be required, since on my machine I can see multiple levels of related records. 

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              Robert Krisher


                The trick is that the relationship isn't defined in the geodatabase (Hard Relationship Class) its defined in the map document / stored display (Soft Relationship Class).  You can reproduce this by creating a relate on one of the layers in your map document.  I have seen some finnicky behavior with this tool where the relationship wil appear in both tools when viewing it on the layer that contains the relate, but when you atempt to view the information on the 'child' in the relate it will only be available in the ESRI tool.  There can be some other confusion that occurs when you try and interact with this data using the ESRI attribute tool vs. the ArcFM Attribute Editor.