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    How can I get report of ArcFM Properties?

    Julie Hamilton

      I need to get the ArcFM properties settings for our entire electrical data set of 44 feature classes.  Is this information accessible outside the ArcFM Properties Manager?  I am interested in Field Display, Object Info, and Field Info settings.

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          The good folks at Schneider might have other suggestions but here are two ways we have interacted with this data outside of ArcFM Properties Manager. The core issue is that this data is stored in a binary object within the MM tables in the geodatabase so you can't really hit it directly via SQL. However it can be very useful to get to these configuration values en masse. Here are the two approaches we've used (both use some code):

          1. You likely already know you can export the ArcFM Properties to an xml file for transporting the configuration between database instances. We wrote an XML parser that will actually interpret the xml export. The end goal of our tool was actually to perform a configuration comparison between two different databases. So we'd export configuration for both and then run our tool to compare the configuration. But I believe this pattern could be utilized for other uses as well.
          2. The second is a set of tools we've developed to mass read or set configuration values across the GDB. This came out of a need to mass assign object or field AU's, mass set certain field ordering across the database, mass set model names, etc., etc. So we ended up with a library of scripts that access the ArcFM properties via the ArcFM API to read and manipulate these settings.


          Depending on what your end goal is perhaps one of the above ideas will help. Both require some work but you would end up with a tool that you could reuse on a regular basis if needed.

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            You can use the Geodatabase Designer app that is available from ESRI  for 9.3.x in your ArcFM ArcCatolg environment. If you are currently at the 10.x products from both ESRI and Schneider, then the ArcGIS diagrammer 10.x has the toolset to generate these and more infromation about your GDB.  The output is a very nice htm report with connectivity.


            You need to understand that the ArcFM custom classes are key to seeing the true geometry topology.  Just use the ESRI solution will not completely reflect your custom electric architecture. This is what we use at Sempra.


            Best regards,



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              Melia Brush

              If you're looking for a user-friendly way to view the properties, another option is to use a stylesheet.  In the ArcFM XML Export dialog, you can browse to the stylesheet ExportReport.xsl (located in Program Files\Miner and Miner\ArcFMSolution\bin\ stylesheets).  This will create an Excel-friendly XML file that includes all ArcFM properties for all desired tables and fields.