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    How to ensure that ArcFM Viewer mobile field date settings are not mismatched to regional settings on Enterprise machines?

    Jim Kyle

      We utilize ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine (Inspector) on a large number of field notebook machines in a disconnected editing environment. Our I.T. department currently does not lock down
      regional (date) settings on these machines.  This means that a field machine user (or new machine setup) may from time to time have a date mismatched to our Enterprise ArcFM machines.

      (i.e. a field machine may be using a date format of MM/DD/YYYY and our Enterprise would be DD/MM/YYYY).  This, in certain situations, because of the format of the date in the xml packet will result in

      a transposition of the date month and day. (e.g. a field edit date of 04/09/2014 may be recorded in the enterprise as 04-SEP-2014).   Does anybody else experience this behavior?

      If so, how do you handle it?  The ArcFM configuration specifies that the regional settings of all field and enterprise machines must be the same ArcFM Engine Configuration Guide

      but so far we are reluctant to lock down regional settings on our field machines.  The only option I can see is if I write a xml packet preprocessor which will review the dates in the packet before they are imported to enterprise.

      Is there another option?  (The other option would be a enhancement to ArcFM so that the date setting is always stored in ISO8601 format within xml or something)