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    ArcFM Desktop Solution 10.2.1, GeoCollector for ArcPad or Mobile issues with Trimble Positions Install

      GeoCollector is a combination of ArcPad or ArcMobile and Trimble Positions integration all combined.  When I install ArcMap 10.2.1, ArcPad 10.2.1, and Trimble Positions in that order  WITHOUT ArcFM solutions desktop 10.2.1 I do not have any problems.  When I install in the same order with ArcFM solutions Desktop it finds a way to block the ability to create a ArcPad project in the Trimble positions administrator window.  This makes the installation of both a problem and GeoCollector inoperable.  Right now I can work around it and not install ArcFM products on the same GPS machine but in the long run a solution should be provided.  I am not sure who to contact about this and am looking for feedback on resolving the issue.


      Thank you,


      Nick Collins



      Curtis Swarts