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    Compressing database is spending an inordiante about of time deleting the S165_IDX$, where 165 is the MM_Persist_Info table.  Any idea why this would be taking so long?

    Michael Bartlett

      While using SQL Devloper to monitor a session, where I am compressing the dataabse, I see this SQL is being called,and taking a long time.


      DELETE FROM LGC_GAS.S165_IDX$ WHERE sp_id = :sp_row


      select * from table_registry where registration_id = 165 = SDE.MM_PERSIST_INFO.


      Select count(*) From SDE.MM_Persist_INFO = 1426


      but select count(*) from LGC_GAS.S165_IDX$; = 791,336


      I now see the owner of the two are different, so perhaps the S165_IDX$ is referring to something else.