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    Importing Field Data

    Michael "Milo" Lopez

      We are starting to utilize personnel to collect field data. Once I have the data what's the best way to add that data to an existing database?  I can load it and see it in the table of contents as a layer.  There are multiple layers from Device points, fiber lines, fiber structures, nonfiber cables etc.  We are looking into Orbit for the future, however in the meantime what is the process?

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          Since you are using Fiber Manager data you really need to recreate the data in the back office to allow the AU's and favorites to be used. At the most basic level you could load the data into ArcMap as you described and then place new Fiber Favorites by snapping to the field-collected data. If you wanted to get more automated you could build in some customizations that would perform these tasks for you. The customization would basically load each field-collected record and then automatically use the appropriate Fiber Favorite to recreate the data with all related records and AU's firing. Doing this through a back office ArcMap edit session is very important because of the fiber geometric network AND because of the above mentioned relationships and AU's. We have done similar loads elsewhere though and its certainly doable... the key us usually that you would have the required minimal attribution in the field (for fiber, the fiber count, OH/UG, and a unique fiber name, etc.). I hope this gives you some ideas...

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