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    UnExpected QA Error with Relationships

    Ed Blair



      I’ve got a database in which we’re storing details about retired device units (for transformers, fuses, switches, capacitors and regulators) in the “unit” table - not unlike how abandoned conductor records are stored in the ConductorInfo table.  Existing are distinguished from retired by a ConstructionStatus field.  Retired device geometries are stored in an AbandonedDevice table.  For example, our existing TransformerUnit records have a ConstuctionStatus of “Existing” and are associated with the TransformerBanks feature class with a foreign key named TransformerID.   Retired TransformerUnit records have a ConstructionStatus of “Retired” and are associated with the AbandonedDevice feature class with a foreign name named “AbandonedDeviceID”.  The relationship to TransformerBank is Composite, the relationship to AbandonedDevice is Simple.  (Yes, the lifespan of the retired units will not be automatically be managed by the software.)

      OK so far.


      Now, when I run ArcFM QA/QC on an AbandonedDevice with a related record in the TransformerUnit table I get the error message:

      “TransformerUnit feature (subtype Transformer Unit) must participate in one composite relationship as a child”


      When I run ArcMap “Validate” on the same selected feature I am informed “All features are valid”.

      I don’t see anything in Esri documentation that states that a row that is a child in a composite relationship must have a parent.  Am wondering where this error message is coming from.


      Any help would be much appreciated.