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    Grant Yang

      I used work with ArcObjects but am a newbie on ArcFM objects. Esri has provided OMD (Object Model Diagram) as in pdf for ArcObjects developer. However, I cannot find OMD for ArcFM objects. Is there OMD for ArcFM objects as reference? And, is there any related resources to use as reference? Thanks.

      - Grant

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          Robert Krisher


            I believe they used to, but as their library expanded the documents kept getting larger and more confusing.  They've switched over to a more MSDN style of documentation that can be found on the developer resource site ( ArcFM Desktop Developer Guide).  If you ever need to figure out how things are interrelated, I recommend making use of Visual Studio's object browser, or any other program capable of loading multiple dlls and allowing you to examing how interfaces and classes are associated.