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    "Control" Type Values in the System Valve Class

    Ed Blair


      I’ve got a water data set that includes “control” type valves (such as in-line blow-offs) in the same feature class as system valves.  Further, many of the in-line blow-offs have a NormalPosition value of “closed” (which is true).   Now, what we’d like is for ArcFM Water tracing to ignore these control type valves and not stop even when the NormalPosition is "closed". It seems that it might be possible to assign a value of [0] to the WaterPressureSystemStatus field that would cause ArcFM tracing to not stop at a closed control type valve – but its not completely clear from the documentation that this would work.   In practice it doesn’t seem to, but I haven’t tested exhaustively and am not exactly sure what to expect.

      The other option would be to move all control valves out of the system valve class and into their own control valve class – that would not have a NormalPosition field honored by ArcFM Water tracing.

      Any observations or recommendations would be much appreciated.