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    Feeder Manager (10.1) does not populate FeederIDs when reconnecting an existing electrical feature to network

      Hi all,


      We have migrated our geometric network and associated Dataset from 9.3 to 10.1 and cannot get our feeder manager to populate FeederID's when re-connecting existing electrical features to our network. We disconnect a feature via ArcFM Disconnect tool (FeederINFO changes from 7 to 8) but when we then attempt to connect via ArcFM Connect tool the FeederID does not re-populate (FeederINFO changes to 0). This works at 9.3 as expected but not at 10.1


      It works fine with new electrical features, it's just existing features that we have the problem with. We have re-initialized electrical trace weights, ran 'trace all feeders' and even re-built the geometric network but still cannot get the FeederIDs to populate.


      Any suggestions/tips to assist would be greatly appreciated.