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    Redliner Error

    Joseph Hershman

      We are getting an error trying to execute either Open Redline Design or Open a Redline Session.  I get a different error in the log depending on if it is a Session or Design, although I am assuming that the problem that causes this is the same.  When I try to open a session the following dialog is presented.




      If the session is opened from the session manager dialog no error is logged in the error log,  However, if I try to open by clicking the toolbar button the same dialog appears and the following entries is in the log.


      2014-02-04 20:13:42,070 [1] ERROR  [(null)] - Miner and Miner Session Manager Tools:


      The 'Open Redline Session' task failed.

      {log4net:HostName=2FTYA72376, LoggingAssemblyFileVersion=}


      When I try to open a design for redlining, no message box is shown but the following is in the log.



      2014-02-04 18:25:13,004 [1] ERROR  [(null)] - Designer Workflow Manager:


      Automation error

      Error at line: 239 - Build: 10.10.276


      I do notice that there are packets being created in the WorkingDir folder.


      We do have everything working on a different laptop, and as far as can tell all the configurations are the same.  There are some differences with user permissions and also the license (the working laptop has a full ArcMap installation, the one with the problem only ArcEngine) and the user does have more rights on the laptop that is working proper.  These are the only two things I can think of that are different.


      If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

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          Joseph Hershman

          It actually was the license.  The stored displays did not contain a valid edit feature class for an engine license (feature dataset without network or relationship).  This is acceptable when an ArcGIS Desktop license is used but not when an Engine license is used.  With the Engine only license a valid edit class is needed, once this was added it all seems to be working