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    Upstream Protective Device Trace

    Don Jensen

      I have written a console application that gets the protective device for specific devices on our electrical network.  I have it using the ArcFM Upstream Protect. Dev. trace task which returns a set of protective devices all the way back to the circuit breaker, our source.  For the transformers, the order of the devices in the return set has been the order that they are on the network.  So far for the fuses this is also the case.  When I run this on a recloser the order is not correct for the network and the starting recloser is included in the results.  My question is this.  Is there some way of knowing the order on the network from the returned results?

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          John Bennett

          To obtain the devices in order, I suggest using the FindFeedPaths method on the IMMElectricTracingEx interface, which is implemented by the MMFeederTracer coclass, an instance of which you can just create. It takes some practice setting up all of the arguments just right, but then it rewards you with one or more IMMFeedPathEx objects, which give you the exhaustive set of junctions and edges, in order, that lie on the path from your starting junction or edge element to a circuit source junction.  You'll get a separate feed path object for each distinct circuit source that can reach the starting element (electrically speaking). If more than one path to a given circuit source exists, then you'll still get just one feed path object for that source, but it will include some auxiliary "loop" information. You can walk a feed path in either direction and pluck from it the devices you're interested in as you go.  For documentation go to the ArcFM Solution Resource Center and search for FindFeedPaths.