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    What's new in Silverlight 2.4 sample project?

    Rick Thiel



      We have used the Sample Silverlight project 2.0 and 2.2 from Telvent in the past and we have found them to be invaluable!  We would like to use the new 2.4 sample project from Schneider.  But first I would like to know what is new in this latest sample project?  Is there any documentation on that?


      Thanks, -_Rick

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          Hi Rick,


          In 2.2.1, they added the following:

          • Redlining enhancements on the Graphics Tabinclude:        
            • A new text editor that enables the use of color, bold, italics, and underlining. In addition, you can copy, cut, and paste text into the editor for use in ArcFM for Silverlight. You can create new text and edit existing redline text.
            • This release includes the ability to disable scaling of redline point symbols and text.
          • You can set the Zoom Buffer Size to include a number of map units around the perimeter of selected features for the map extent.
          • As needed, you can turn off the hiding of layers due to scale visibility. When disabled, you can identify features that are not visible when the map is zoomed out (such as service points) or zoomed in (such as counties).
          • You can customize the text border color/transparency by setting the TextBorderBrush property for the EditorControl in the ArcFM for Silverlight SDK.


          And in 2.4, they added:

          • Show Trace Buffer allows you to create and configure the appearance of hightlighting around traces in ArcFM for Silverlight. Configuration options include width, opacity, and color.
          • ArcFM for Silverlight now allows both Esri ArcGIS Online web map format and Microsoft Bing Map layers. These can be configured by an administrator.
          • If configured by an administrator, you can now search for addresses using Esri ArcGIS Online and Microsoft Bing geocoding services.
          • As a reminder, an ArcFM for Silverlight Configuration Tool is available to simplify the maintenance of the page.config file. This free stand-alone tool can be downloaded from the Tools tab on the ArcFM Solution Resource Center.
          • Added the ability to create both Esri ArcGIS Online web map and Microsoft Bing Map layers for your custom application.
          • Added the ability to search for addresses using Esri ArcGIS Online and Microsoft Bing geocoding services for your custom application.



          There are some instructions for upgrading and API changes listed in the "What's New" docs, so check out these links for details.

          What's New in 2.2.1

          What's New in 2.4