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    Relationship Autoupdaters with Feature Linked Annotation

    Daniel Fletcher

      Someone must have solved this by now.  I have a feature with related units and feature linked annotation.  When a related unit is added or deleted, the feature attribute is updated by the autoupdated, but the feature linked annotation that is related to that attribute in the feature is not updated.  What do I have to do to get the featurelinfed annotation to update when a related unit is added or deleted.  There must be an order in which these fire, but I can not find any mention of when the feature linked annotation update files.

      If multiple types of autoupdaters are assigned to a feature/object class, the autoupdaters are launched in the following order:

      attribute AUs (fired in field display order if more than one is assigned)

      special AUs (fired in order designated in the ArcFM Properties Manager if more than one is assigned)

      relationship AUs

      abandon AUs (fired only when using the Abandon tool)

      The only exception to this order is when a relationship is deleted. In this case the relationship autoupdaters are fired before the special autoupdaters.