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    Cannot add fault for a serviceLocation

    david renz

      I have a service location which I cannot add a fault for.

      When the user clicks on the address to add a fault, an error message pops up (see attached).


      Any ideas?



        • Re: Cannot add fault for a serviceLocation
          david renz

          The service location will trace.

          I can now create the fault on the service location ... but the "# Cust" is zero.


          The issue with the error seems to have been fixed and was a data issue.

          However, the initial issue of not being able to create a fault for a specific address is still at issue.

          The fault is being created for the service location, but the "# Cust" is zero.


          When I look in the rx_customers table, I cannot find the address.

          The address count in the rx_customers table is about 2000 more than in the ServiceLocation feature class.

          I am not sure what the relationship is between the rx_customers table and the "# Cust" in the Responder incident, but this service location needs to be counted as a customer for this incident.