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    ArcFM and ArcGIS Mobile

    Don Jensen

      I am trying to create an ArcGIS Mobile service using an ArcFM feature class.  I need my users to be able to edit the data in the field.  When I Analyze the service it shows that the layer is being published with custom feature and with custom class extension.  I have ArcFM Server installed on the ArcGIS Server.  How do I register the ArcFM extension and feature class with ArcGIS Server?

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          Hi Don,


          It sounds like we're talking about ArcGIS Server 10.1 or 10.2.  Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'll speak from that point of view.  I'm also assuming that your intent is to fuel ArcGIS for Windows Mobile with mapservices that have the Mobile Data Access capability and, based on what you said, contain ArcFM data that users will want to edit.


          Since you have ArcFM Server already, it sounds like the next steps for you are to register the ArcFM Server SOE with ArcGIS Server and then, depending on the method used to do that, add the ArcFMMapServer capability to those services.


          To register the SOE, there are two typical options.  You can do so via Server Manager or there is a utility that we provide when you install ArcFM Server that will do so.  If you register our SOE via Server Manager, then none of your mapservices will get the ArcFMMapServer capability added to them and you will need to add it manually.  If you use our utility, then all of your services will get that capability added and no further steps should be needed.


          Once your services have the ArcFMMapServer capability, mapservices which are turned on will automatically check out an ArcFM Server license and then users should be able to perform edits to ArcFM features over those services.  Note, though, that when you analyze the service, ArcMap will still give you two 'High' warnings and complain that you are publishing features with custom class extensions.  That is expected, since you're publishing ArcFM'ified data.


          I hope that helps.