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    Unable to reconcile session version

    Jeff Schenck

      An editor is unable to reconcile a session version.  The event viewer shows the error message "The operation was attempted on an empty geometry" (screenshot below).  How can we salvage this session?  Thanks for your help.




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          Matt Sayler

          If you're on ArcGIS 10.0, Esri SP5 might have a fix (NIM076505 & maybe NIM079744).


          In lieu of that, if the feature that is causing the issue can be identified, you can delete it, reconcile, redraw it, and reconcile again. If the feature can't be easiliy identified, using the Esri tools to reconcile by Object in favor of Target should get through the reconcile. It'll probably be more work to get through the conflicts since they likely won't be resolved how you want, but the session should be salvageable at least.


          It sometimes happens when a network feature is moved, a line is connected between the old position and the new position, and the reconcile proccess tries to resolve things in such a way that the node is moved back to the previous position. When it does that, the intermediate line feature can go to zero length (start and end points become the same), which of course SDE does not like at all.


          I think there are other scenarios that cause similar issues, but that's the one I've come across most often. If the error doesn't give you object ID's, then it's usualy difficult if not impossible to identify what specifically is having the issue, and that's when I go to reconciling using the Esri tools.