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    ROI on Responder

    Peter Dauer

      Has anyone done an ROI on a Responder Implementation for a small utility. We're a utility of <75,000 customers and are trying to determine the feasibility of using Responder for system operations. Please share your experiences...

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          Shawn Leingang

          My evaluations have determined it's the most valuable application any utility can have in production; and there was no bias in my research either!


          Maybe Rick Frymyer can assist with any past ROI as well as other customer responses. 

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            Ryan Moore

            I can't put a dollar value on it, but we've been using Responder since 2006 and it has made outage management much more efficient and reporting much easier.  Our prior system was post it notes on an board.  We have about 50,000 meters.  It did take a couple years for full buy in by all the operators, but I think they all generally like it now compared to the paper way of managing outages.


            Within the last year, the system operators have starting using Responder for checking their switch orders.  I know of one occasion by using that tool we avoided knocking out power to over a 1000 customers.


            Feel free to contact me for more information.