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    Save Design permission issues on MM_PX_STATE table. Different from 9.3 to 10.2??

    Ryan LeSage

      While moving from ArcFM 9.3 to 10.2, we had to grant our Designer users Insert, Update, Delete permissions on the MM_PX_STATE table. This is odd since our users do not need these permissions in 9.3. It's a concern for me since we don't want our users to somehow update or remove states from this table.


      The Insufficient Permissions error occurred during our testing of Save Design. To remedy this, we granted Insert, Update, Delete on this table. I'm curious if the process during Save Design changed (maybe for performance?) and what is being updated in the states during a Save Design? Looking at this table, I notice there's a BLOB field present. What is the NODE_BITMAP BLOB fld in MM_PX_STATE used for? Could this be what the save is trying to update?