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    Support ESRI Add-ins?

    Jeff Schenck

      Does anyone know if a current or future version of ArcFM will support ESRI's Add-in architecture for customizations, or will we need to continue to register our DLLs, in order to implement ArcFM customization?

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          Add-ins are supported with ArcFM. You can build an Add-in and deploy it with ArcFM. You can reference ArcFM code by adding a reference to the assembly that you need.


          Now if you are asking if something like an Auto Updater, Field Editor, Locator, etc. will be supported with esri's Add-Ins, the answer is there are no plans to support this. Add-ins are Esri's way to get functionality into ArcMap/ArcCatalog

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            Francesco Giovinazzo

            Since ArcFM works at Database global level, you can not use AddIns for such things, since they are at User Level (i.e. you can have an addin, but your coworked not)


            We actually have a mixed solution up ad running on our customers, based on an AddIn + ArcFM dll


            The AddIn have the ArcMap extension, buttons and such

            The ArcFM dll have the auto updaters, tree tools, ecc...


            By including the Addin dll into the ArcFM dll, you can reach the addin extension by name using:


            var extension = ESRI.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.AddIn.FromID<ESRI.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.Extension>("Name of your extension");


            Once you have that, the reflection magic will expose everything you need


            Type mainExtensionType = extension.GetType();
            PropertyInfo propertyInfo = mainExtensionType.GetProperty(nameProperty);
            object value = propertyInfo.GetValue(extension, null);


            With this trick, we have autoupdaters updating fields based on values setted by the addin extension and buttons, or using a default value if missing


            Hope this help



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              Jeff Schenck

              Thanks to both of you for your helpful and timely responses.  We are going to attempt convert one of our custom tools to this architecture.  Our hope is this could streamline our deployment process.