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    Your Support Cases

      Hello Antonio Junior , and welcome to exchange! For details on accessing your Support information, review FAQ - Logging a Case - online or phone. I am including Jason Sharp who can contribute to  this discussion, should you have questions after reading the FAQ. You might also spend a few minutes in exchange Help, familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of the community. I'll look for your comments in this thread.

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          Hi Becky,


               I'm trying to find my opened incident too. I didn't find the button to log new case or to my previeus incidents.. "On your organization's private group overview page, you will see the Log a Case button"

          Best Regards,

          Antonio Junior.

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              Jason Sharp

              Hello Antonio - I have added you to the Imagem private group. You should now see the Log a Case option as well as your case history. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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                Hello - Have you accepted the invitation to join your private Support group? This shows up as an Action in your Actions list, as shown in the image below. This is a screen capture from my account, and I currently have 12 Actions I must address.

                9-10-2013 9-59-24 AM.bmp