Had the priveledge this week to see Oncors New Microgrid in Lancaster Texas that Schneider Electric put together.  I was truely impressed, beleive me, it takes a lot to do that.  Jim Vun Cannon with energy solutions designed everything from the controller to the presentation(immersion) room.  Bob Meyers with energy solutions managed the delivery for this  greenfield microgrid project to a 12 months completion. Outstanding Job!

This is a showcase for Schneider Electric as well as Oncor.  If you are interested in taking a customer or future customer, have your Schneider ElectricEnergy BU contact drop an email to James A Vun Cannon and Robert Meyers for arrangements.  Bob is local to DFW.  Facility is about 16 miles south of Dallas, TX.


A Few Specs:

1) ~100KW PV

2) Tesla Batteries

3) Capstone 65KW LP(propane) Microturbine

4) 3 Diesel Generators

5) Square D Switchboard

6) S&C MV gear

7) Power Management Expert(PSE) & Power Scada Expert(PSE) (Branded S&C)

8) M340 Microgrid Controller

9) Wind Turbine(Planned)


Unique Features:

1) System was adapted to existing nearby infrastructure, ie existing generators, building, and electrical system.

2) System has both west and south facing PV panels for performance studies.

3) Simplicity of the microgrid controller operation.



1)  This site shows huge variations in PV output and why energy storage is soo important directly coupled to PV and Wind sources.  Makes you wonder the MWHR of Renewable Generation source deployed to date vs Storage deployed vs coal plant closures/issues.

2)  Schneider Electric can also build the control center, presentation rooms and content to help utilities move forward with regulatory and legislative initiatives,