Last week, members of the Utilities Group Product Team visited the Esri Product Team in Redlands, California.  The goal was to set up a test and run the entire software stack through a number of tests.  We used data from a large ArcFM customer, as well as typical customer workflows.  We found a bunch of interesting things, some of which we are still investigating.  There are two things that we found worth sharing with the user community now.


1) We identified an issue with the ArcFM feeder manager initialization dialog.  As you know, this dialog pops up the first time you edit a network feature using feeder manager.  It comes up when you double-click to end the edit.  What we found is that if the user is drawing a line and continues to click on the screen while the dialog is up, additional vertices are added to the line, but are not properly handled in the network.  You could end up with network inconsistencies in your data.  This doesn't happen with small datasets, and it won't happen if you have a very patient user (e.g., our QA staff).  We're certainly aware that this dialog can take a long time to finish, and in the real-world users can get impatient waiting for it to end.  Schneider Electric will be addressing this in a future version and series of patches. In the meantime, you may wish to share this with your editors if you think it could be impacting you.


2) Likewise, we found that if you edit the shape of a feature in an autoupdater you could also cause network inconsistencies.  None of the ArcFM product autoupdaters do this, but we have heard that some users have written autoupdaters that might do this.  One example workflow would be if you offset a device on a line upon placement.  Note that this issue ONLY impacts autoupdaters.  If you offset devices on a line via a custom edit task, no problems will result.


I hope this information is useful.  I'll be providing an update at the EGUG conference later this month on our plans to release a series of performance and stability improvements.  larry young will be doing the same on the Esri side.  Hope to see you there!