In support of the SE Global Environment Day on June 4, 2015, the water group joined the Quarry Park Office to help clean up the community and the riverbanks.  After grabbing some garbage bags and gloves, we headed out to the riverbanks to do our part in the community clean-up.  We started at the riverbanks directly west of the Quarry Park office.  After that, we headed over to Carburn Park and started cleaning up there.  The Water Group Team consisted of Paul McNally, Neville Lai, Clay Hellman, Bill Turner, Aaron Tsang and Jane Yan.  While cleaning up, to our delight and surprise, we ran into some young deer, who were minding their own business having lunch on the path.  We were probably only 10 to 15 feet from them, but they weren't scared and didn't run away.  They kept eating, watching us take pictures of them and showing affection for each other.  It was a really special and uplifting moment where we were able to observe nature (the bonus) during our SE Global Environment Day Clean-up and Scavenger Hunt!!!


SE GED poster v0.2 11x17 full title.jpgTeamwork1.jpgTeamwork2.JPGWater_Group1.jpgFrom left to right: Aaron, Bill, Jane, Neville, Clay

Water_Group2.jpgFrom left to right: Aaron, Bill, Paul, Neville, Clay