Our vision is this: get some of these power apps like Designer, Mobile and ArcFM to talk to one another so that they seem as if they are one app. Here's a story we'd like to cover: take ArcFM Mobile out to the field for any type of field work you can imagine. You notice a problem, maybe a down-guy is broken. You make a note, perhaps a redline on the map and take a picture, this information flows right into a work order and sent to a designer or a field tech who can use that information to design the correct fix, order the correct materials and create map packet. That very same design can be sent back to ArcFM Mobile for construction. A crew can see the redline, the picture, the design sketch, the CUs...... everything so far to explain the situation. The construction crew can fix the pole, denote any changes and send it back to ArcFM where a GIS editor can commission the design and correct GIS. It's a simplified story, I know, but it's the idea that every app in the ArcFM Solution can speak the same language, can open the same job and help the end user complete their work. It's not necessarily about all the tools and functions, it's about the flow of information, to the right people at the right time. Does this ecosystem resonate with you?