We are now ready to open our Customer community to all of our customer base.  I want to encourage all of our sales representatives, subject matter experts, Key account managers, and regional sales managers to discuss this with our customers.  We have gotten very positive feedback from all of the customers that have registered so far.  I  think introducing this to our customers would provide a good opportunity to talk to them (not that you need one).  If you want to email them you could use the following verbiage that Trish was so kind to develop for us.  I have also attached a brochure you could give to our customer.  Please help us get the message out and get our customers signed up.  This can only help our sales and support efforts!







Schneider Electric recently launched an exciting new online community that's 100% geared towards utilities. As a key customer, you were included in the exclusive first launch and should have received an email introducing the new exchange utility community. Have you had a chance to register and check it out yet?



The exchange utility community has some great tools I think you'll find helpful. I'm attaching a PDF that provides more detail, but at a high level the community gives you easy access to customer support and subject matter experts, the ability to log technical cases and view summaries, and an opportunity to share and connect with others in the utility community. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so here: https://infrastructurecommunity.schneider-electric.com/login.jspa



Let me know if you have any questions or if you're interested in joining a training session on how best to leverage the community!