We have had a great start on our sales community registration and I want to thank all of you for support! We should now be over 100 team members from our sales reps signed up along with 80 Schneider Employees. We also have 23 Customers signed up on the customer portal and we have just started their registration. To date, I have heard very positive feedback from everyone, including our customers, and I think everyone sees the potential of this community to help our customer support and sales efforts.


    As we indicated at our AmpUp meeting, this is the first phase of our community implementation and we have a long way to go to get all the functionality we want into the community. Currently, we are in the planning stages for the next phase functionality which we hope to have defined in the next few weeks and implemented by the end of 1Q2015. Among the items we are planning to include in phase 2 is the real time logging of customer issues. This functionality will let you know when your customer calls in for technical support and a support case was opened. This information will be invaluable in helping you support our customer better. You will be able to see the technical support issue and if the customers issue was resolved or is still open. If the support case is still open it will indicate who from Schneider Electric is working to resolve the issue.  Another planned functionality addition in our phase 2 release will be to provide you with a dashboard the will let you instantly see the amount of Schneider sales you have sold during the year for each product line that you have along with your 2015 target and sales performance vs. prior year.  As we get closer to the release of our next phase, I will let you know all of the additional functionality that will be implemented. As you use Exchange please let us know if there is additional functionality you think is important to add or areas where we can improve the site. If we work together, we can make this site very useful for everyone!


I hope everyone has a good week of selling!