If you missed the live webinar, you can now watch a recording of my "Advanced Distribution Management System Integration of Renewables and Storage" webinar.

In this webinar, I discuss the cutting-edge work we are doing at Burbank Water and Power (which involves AGC, load forecasting, and renewable forecasting, plus integration with weather and economic forecasting systems), as well as ADMS projects at other client's locations.


You will have to enter some info to register, but it's free.  For this webinar we had over 500 registered attendees from 70 different countries and over 300 different companies!!!


A few caveats:

1. This webinar is 1 hour long, and it's fairly meaty.  If you don't have time to watch it you can just view/download the slides from the Schneider Electric Slideshare page.  Of course you won't get as much out of the slides as you will the webinar (especially the slides with little or no text, my personal favorites), nor can you hear the results of my poll questions, but it's still a worthwhile experience.

2. I was sick as a dog when I recorded this, and my voice doesn't normally sound quite that bad...  Fortunately my voice got better as I went on.  Someday I will re-record this.

3. There is one slide where I say 2003 when I clearly mean to say 2030.  I will blame this conveniently on my illness.

4. There were some interesting questions at the end, so I encourage you to stick it out all the way thru, perhaps accompanied by popcorn, the beverage of your choice, and any loved ones who happen to be nearby. 


I would be happy to talk about this and answer questions on this anytime.