During some recent testing of various web environments, our team came across situations where Fiber Manager's Wavepoint would look pretty funny. This started happening as soon as we pushed the security levels to High on both the Internet and Intranet zones.

2014-05-01 14_31_41-remotehost - hv-FiberIEBugCh.miner.com - Remote Desktop Connection.png2014-05-01 14_31_57-remotehost - hv-FiberIEBugCh.miner.com - Remote Desktop Connection.png

As recommended, we added our site to the list of trusted sites and the app started properly.

2014-05-01 14_45_55-remotehost - hv-FiberIEBugCh.miner.com - Remote Desktop Connection.png

However, we weren't getting any maps on our page. We kept getting "dojo undefined" errors. We started getting worried that we had a bug in Wavepoint. But then it hit us: Not all our content comes from Wavepoint. The actual data, scripts, fonts and other css can be coming from other sites (such as Esri, Bing, etc.)

So, we ended up adding a list of sites to the trusted sites list and it solved the problem:

*.ArcGIS.com (for basemaps/thumbnails)
*.arcgisonline.com (for the javascript)
*.virtualearth.net (for bing maps)
fonts.googleapis.com (for 3rd party)
themes.googleusercontent.com (for 3rd party)
fosbeta.azurewebsites.net (our primary site)

And here is an updated screenshot with some of the sites showing:

2014-05-01 14_32_29-remotehost - hv-FiberIEBugCh.miner.com - Remote Desktop Connection.png

This should help customers run Wavepoint in a secure area. This can also be used to help IT open the proper IPs through the firewall if needed. In one of the next version of Wavepoint, we will leverage Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and allow those to point to a local/intranet site to allow customers to work in a fully secured environment.