Last week more than 325 customers and business partners attended Schneider Electric’s Sunday evening event at the 34th Annual Esri User Conference 2014 in San Diego, CA. This is by far the largest turn-out for this event we've ever had at the User Conference. We were thrilled with the opportunity to connect with so many of you.

So what did Schneider Electric offer that brought out a record-breaking audience? I’m not certain, but here are a few possibilities:

  • FeederID Integrity: We demonstrated how Feeder Manager 2.0 and the new Feeder Sync tool can maintain the integrity of your FeederID for integration with other systems while allowing you to reap the benefits of faster editing and fewer conflicts.
  • Field Mobility:  We demonstrated how our new Orbit application can simplify the tracking of tasks that must be completed in the field.
  • The Future of Design:  We showcased the future of ArcFM Solution design tools. As an example, we demonstrated two design tools that ensure you’re building exactly what you need in the most efficient manner possible. Overhead Design Analysis (OHDA) uses engineering analysis calculations to design poles that satisfy safety and regulatory requirements. Attendees saw a preview of the new coax design application we are working on. It combines the drafting, engineering, and mapping experience in one application.
  • Feeder Reliability:  We leveraged Feeder Manager 2.0, ArcFM Server, Responder historic outage information, vegetation management history, and ArcGIS Pro to illustrate how you can use the geospatial information you already have to strategically place reclosers or sectionalizers and minimize the scope and duration of outages for increased feeder reliability.
  • New Faces: Ron Sznaider introduced a few new folks on the Geospatial team. Doug Engerman has taken on the general day-to-day management of the Geospatial team as Vice President. Ron also introduced Alex Piliptchak as the new head of R&D. Both Doug and Alex took the opportunity to connect with clients and business partners at the User Conference.

We also highlighted the recently-released performance enhancements in the ArcFM Solution. One client saw an average performance increase of 60%. But we’re not done yet. The forthcoming 10.2.1a release will deliver more performance enhancements, including faster open design times, fewer refreshes during edits, and quicker trace results.

Regardless of the reasons for record-breaking turn-out for our Sunday evening event, we’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with our clients and partners. Your feedback is vital as we strive to build and deliver technology that brings you tangible business value and improves your work life.

We hope to see you at the Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference ( in October!