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    Old Error, New Issue:  Must Be 2 Objects Connected

    David Meek

      We had this error crop up early on in our experience with Fiber Manager and solved it - empty buffer tube in a new favorite.  It has shown up again with different circumstances.  I have two fiber cables connected at a splice point, and when I try to go into Connection Manager I get the pop-up error:


      Both fiber cables were chosen from our existing favorites which have been working just fine for many months.  At the other end of both cables I have splice points which are viewable and editable in Connection Manager, and contain valid connections.  Here's a screengrab of the layout.  The splice point with the red circle is the faulty one, and the two with the green circles are the valid ones.




      How can one end of both be fine, yet the common point isn't?

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          After you click on the splice point and receive the Pop up message.  Do you have any corresponding errors in the miner event log?

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            David Miller

            Oh boy, these are fun...


            You can try and dissect this through the data tables, but that is NOT easy at all.  And this type of stuff can occur if someone isn't careful with how they handle editing of the fiber data (say, for example, deleting a row out of one of the related tables).


            Here's the quickest way to fix this and I'm assuming you're on at least 10.2.1 and configured for Fiber Circuit Headers:

            1. Go to the splices on either side of this bad splice.
            2. Using Connection Manager at the "good" splices, disconnect the fibers that lead to the bad splice.
            3. Split the disconnected fiber cable features somewhere away from the good splices and delete the short sections going to said good splices.
            4. Make note of what the attributes are of the two fiber lines, because you're going to redraw them (Send to Targets does NOT work with the related tables in Fiber Manager).
            5. Also make note of the attributes of the "bad" splice enclosure, because you're going to redraw that as well.
            6. Delete the old splice and set a new one but do NOT have to snap into the "old" fiber cables
            7. Using the "old" fiber cables, snap into the "good" splices and trace over our new fiber cables to the new splice.
            8. Using Connection Manager, re-connect everything (10.2.1 will auto-rebuild the circuits if you're configured for it)
            9. Delete your old fiber cables.


            Yeah...it's not pretty.  But trying to figure out where the geometry may have gone bad or a data row got messed up takes forever.

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              Paul Kreun

              Have you double checked the geometry?   I've done what David suggests as well but breaking and rebuilding the geometric network could save you a headache.