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    reset accumulator each day at 12 am

    Adam Taylor

      This may be a simple thing to do I just can't find exactly where to do it.


      We are using a hardware status point as an accumulator on a Sage2300 to keep track of rain fall.

      We send this to ESCADA as a rate point.


      Instead of resetting the rate to 0 in SCADA after it reaches a certain number, I was trying to see if the RTU could reset the accumulator to zero at 12am each day.


      I was looking at calculations to set the accumulator to a constant value but I don't believe this is the solution.


      I have not looked at RLL yet.


      Any ideas or suggestions?

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          Chris Kerr

          Hi Adam,


          This is a good question.  I think we can probably use calculations and the internal analog points for time (hours, minutes, seconds).  Or you might use a frozen accumulator at the top of the hour. 

          I will do some investigating and we will let you know what solutions you could use.  Thanks. 

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              Chris Kerr

              Quick update,  I tried to figure out a way to reset the accumulator at midnight but was unsuccessful so far. 

              Writing to an accumulator value can only be done with RLL, but I was hoping to create a new accumulator which stores the value of the HW accumulator at midnight and do a difference of the current value with the saved value to get the value you were looking for. 


              I am sure that you can do it with RLL, but is probably overkill for this application. 


              I'll check with my colleague, Abe Chandrabose to see if he has an idea of how to do this in the RTU. 


              At this time I don't have a great solution other than RLL or doing what you are doing at the master station side. 


              I will let you know if I come up with something.