FAQ - ArcFM - Updating the Subtype Field for Multiple ArcFM Features Simultaneously

Version 5



    Is there a way to perform a mass attribute update on the subtype designation for a particular group of ArcFM features?



    The ArcFM Mass Attribute option can be used to simultaneously update attribute fields for multiple features of the same subtype. In situations where a change to the subtype field is required, a mass update can be accomplished via the field calculator.


    Use the following steps as a guide for this task:


    1. Select the ArcFM features that require an update.
    2. Within the List By Drawing Order tab in the Table of Contents, right-click the correlating feature layer and select Open Attribute Table from the menu.
    3. Click the Show Selected Records button and view only the selected records within the table.


    4. Right-click the subtype column and access the Field Calculator.
    5. Use the Field Calculator to update the current subtype values (e.g., type the code that correlates with the subtype, such as 1 or 2, versus the description or text of the subtype).