FAQ - ArcFM - Performing a Mass Update to Related Records

Version 6



    Is there a way to perform a mass attribute update on related records which are associated with a particular group of ArcFM features?




    There are a number of options available, depending on the exact requirements of your update scenario, e.g., maybe a group of joint use attachments for support structures requires an attribute update.


    The following information outlines a few possibilities to apply the attribute change:


    If you need to simply perform a mass update on an attribute field for all joint use attachments, use the ArcFM Locator tool within an Edit session to search for joint attachments. If necessary, select the Show all tables checkbox before performing the search. Right-click the joint use attachment group or select individual records uncovered from the search, then perform a mass attribute update operation.

    Updates to joint use attachments that are affiliated with a specific subset of support structures can be performed in the following ways:


    If the number of poles is fairly small (e.g., <10), the following method may suffice. Use the ArcFM Locator tool to find a specific set of support structures. Expand each pole and use the Ctrl key to select each of the associated joint use attachments. Right-click any of the highlighted objects and use the Mass Attribute Update option to update the selected records.


    The final scenario discussed here is useful when a larger number of related record updates is required. Use the ArcFM Locator tool to find the support structures of interest. Verify that the resulting features are selected. Access the table for the support structures via the List By Drawing Order tab within the Table of Contents (i.e., right-click the support structure layer and choose Open Attribute Table via the popup menu). Use the Show Selected Records option to view only selected features within the table.


    Locate the option to view related tables and select joint use attachment from the drop-down list.


    The Joint Use Attachment table shows correlating records for the selected poles. Identify the column requiring the attribute update. Right-click on the column and use the field calculator to perform the update.



    Note: The options discussed above assume proper configuration of the ArcFM mass attribute option for the intended feature class and/or related records.