June 2017 Security Update.pdf

Version 1

    Update Summary:

                    No Security related items in firmware release(s) for June 2017.

    There is nothing regarding specific CVE’s but we have added several enhancements which can make security a little easier. 


    Security Enhancements:

    • Firewall rules configuration file editor from the GUI added. 
    • Added support for sending command log entries to a Syslog server using UDP over RFC 3164 protocol specifications.
    • Add Check IED Configuration function to SEL protocol.  Periodically checks SEL IED for config changes and has several points which can be mapped via SCADA to indicate if a change happened and when the last scan occurred, etc.
    • Configuration Change Accumulator added to allow tracking of changes.  When a config change in the RTU occurs, this accumulator increments and can be sent back to the control center.  Good for Auditing purposes.


    Not necessarily security related, but nice for troubleshooting.

    • PCAP Ethernet traffic captures can be started, stopped, and downloaded from the GUI.