Solution - Designer - Template Configuration Omits Non-GIS CUs from Design Tree

Version 3



    Template favorites provide a useful and efficient mechanism to sequentially add a series of CUs to a design. Templates can be set up in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of editing needs. For example, options exist to incorporate choice lists that provide users with the ability to select from a set of given CUs and/or Non-GIS CUs when editing a design.

    After using a template, any sketched CUs or Non-GIS CUs affiliated with the template are typically added to the design tree within Attribute Editor. However, when creating template favorites, there is a setup and workflow constraint that has been identified that might prevent some Non-GIS CUs from being added to the design tree. This omission can also impact quantity and subsequent costing evaluation of the design.  


    The behavior that causes the omission of Non-GIS CUs from the design tree has been reported (CLS-63770). The conditions and template setup necessary to trigger the behavior have been identified. 




    The underlying template organization that triggers the issue involves nested choice lists containing Non-GIS CUs. Below illustrates a template setup that can cause the issue.




    In this example, a choice list is created for valve selection (only the first value within the choice list is shown). This choice option also includes a Non-GIS CU (shown at the bottom of the tree). If the CU is selected, the Non-GIS CU located directly under the valve is automatically added when using the template. Users then select a Non-GIS CU from the nested choice list.  


    The issue stems from the nested choice option. If one of the Non-GIS CUs is selected and no change to the quantify value is made, the nested Non-GIS CU will be added correctly to the design tree. However, if a quantity other than the default is specified (i.e., different than the default value of 1), then the nested Non-GIS CU will not be added to the design tree.




    The modified quantity value does not impact the Non-GIS CU directly under the CU. Only nested Non-GIS CUs are effected.




    The reported issue CLS-63770 has been resolved in 10.2.1c SP2 and 10.2.1d SP1. If running an earlier version of the software, this issue can be avoided by not including a nested choice list involving Non-GIS CUs, or accepting the default quantity of 1 when a nested Non-GIS CU is selected.