Solution - Designer - Updating Attribute Information for Multiple Design CUs Simultaneously

Version 4



    When using Designer, the various components of a design, such as work locations or CUs, can be found via the Design tab within Attribute Editor. The attribute information for a specific CU contained within the design tree can be modified, but the new information is not applied until Update is clicked. Updates must also be performed prior to saving and exiting the design.




    If using the Ctrl key to select multiple CUs within the design tree, only the first chosen item within the tree is updated when Update is clicked. There is no indication that updates are only applied to the single CU versus all selected CUs.




    The behavior, in which updates only occur to the first selected item in the design tree, has been reported (CLS-62930).




    This issue is caused by bug CLS-62930. Oftentimes, updates are performed for just a single CU. However, there may be situations where attribute updates are made to a number of CUs. If Update isn't clicked for each CU, some of the CUs may not have the latest updates applied.




    The reported issue CLS-62930 has been resolved in 10.2.1d. The Ctrl key can now be used in conjunction with the Update button to select and apply attribute changes to multiple CUs at the same time. If running an earlier version of the software, make sure that Update is clicked for each CU to properly persist any changes with the saved design.